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Mairead and Maeve Studdiford—A Social Entrepreneur Story



Sisters, Mairead and Maeve Studdiford founded Bay Head Boutique in 2011 as a simple lemonade and water stand to sell cool drinks to walkers and joggers along the New Jersey Shore.  Soon their business took off and they decided to add to their inventory by offering jewelry, headbands,, hair ties and other items that they thought might generate sales.  Their idea was simple, if selling water and drinks for a dollar is profitable, then selling higher priced, more unique items would be even more profitable!  Over the years, their pop-up corner store on East Avenue in Bay Head, New Jersey expanded to include events at community bazaars and school fundraisers as well as the development of an active retail website and links through e-commerce sites. 


With the success of Bay Head Boutique, came the inevitable question of what to do with the money they made from their endeavor. Mairead and Maeve decided that instead of keeping their profits for things they wanted, but didn’t really need, they would donate all of the earnings to those causes they were passionate about and needed their help.  The causes that are near to their hearts are helping vulnerable children and animals. In the past four years, they have gifted 100% of the profits to Wear the Cape, the kidkind foundation, The New Jersey Conservancy to build osprey nests in Barnegat Bay, Restore the Shore to help children directly affected by Hurricane Sandy, and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) for pediatric cancer patients. So far, they have distributed over $3,000 of  their hard earned profits.